Studio shot by Courtney Gretchen

Michael Timm

Visual Content Creator


It all started when…

I picked up that first, sweet Pentax K1000 film camera. I was hooked. Running through rolls of film like I had an endless budget. But alas, life reminded me that being a student means that you need to be sparing.

From there I jumped to digital, which allowed me freedom in creating for as long as I had the stamina to go. After many missions, meet-ups, and test shoots, I was offered my job as a full-time commercial stock photographer.

Spending two years under the watchful eye of one of the world’s top commercial stock photographers, I’ve built a keen eye for coming trends, aesthetic shots, and what looks best for your brand.

Shooting stock allowed the opportunity for my work to be used by some top brands in their marketing efforts, blog posts, and social media. This means more exposure, and a good idea as to what is required to make for a great marketing content.

Years later after that initial film click, and I find myself here, creating even more than I did when I ran through those rolls like money was endless, creating in more ways than I ever thought I would. Creating content used by all types of brands, bloggers, graphic designers, and the like.

Driven by the next big challenge and adventure, I now run my own content production company.